The Linen Hire is a nationwide supplier of linen hire with other comprehensive services attached.

Originally The Linen Hire & Knoll Laundry were two sister companies. They were separate brands; one a dedicated Linen hire company and the other a commercial laundry. There was a fair amount of overlap and cross pollination between the various services and we wanted to achieve awareness of what we are capable of supplying to our clients.

The linen Hire today, in addition to the commercial laundry devision, also incorporates a work-wear & uniform supply arm.The original logo can be seen below:


The Linen Hire


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We have the pleasure of presenting the new logo for “the Linen Hire”

As the company and its reputation grew the branding was in dire need of an upgrade to move away from the generic and weaker style of the original logo. We took a decision to retain The Linen Hire as our brand name as it was familiar and recognised by our existing customers.The more subtle weaker colours of the original logo were made vibrant with strong light mustard yellow colour to compliment the navy blue. To suit different applications, the logo can be used alternatively with a bright yellow background or the more formal dark blue background.

To incorporate the other arms of the business we created an icon set that appears in the footer of our stationery, email footers and signage.The icons are not just pointers to the various services they are an integral part of the brand and appear as a pattern on the reverse of our stationery and the vehicle livery to emphasize the core offerings of the company.

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