My Property Survey; a dynamic and expanding property survey company, approached us for an effective advertising campaign.

In the course of creating the campaign it became apparent that the brand identity was not serving its purpose and they needed an urgent re-brand.

The issues were that the word “my” was not clear and people could read it as just “property survey” The confusing centralised graphic only stretched the already long company name and made the logo unwieldy.

As part of the re-brand we had some in depth strategy sessions and looked at the messaging that also was lacking.


My Property Service


Advertising, Branding, Corporate Identity, Marketing,  Print Design


We started with the strategy to work out the ideal client base and delved into their client’s pains.My Property Survey wanted to highlight that they offer nationwide service and that they had a quick “hassle-free” turnaround.

The logo features a house and survey sheet combined into a neat and clear recognisable graphic.The word “my” is in a rounded friendly font; that we chose to closely compliment the more sophisticated main font.The result is a Professional but customer-centric look.

We added a “railway-line” graphic which joins to the list of services; to highlight the wide range of services that My Property Survey offer.

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