Step into the bespoke world of Macabdice!

The project was to design and develop branding for a new tailoring label. The brand needed to be a strong, be memorable and recognisable.

We decided to go down a slightly quirky route, that actaully works well in the British tailoring establishment, where modern tailors are using out the box naming conventions and bold colours to make their brands stand out.

The name was an adaptation of a personal choice of the client.It is based on the ancient Hebrew/Aramic word Mechabdisseh which means clothes but is related to the word “honour”, because the outward appearence of a person inspires honour and respect.

The spelling has got a Scottish prefix Mac which in Gaelic means “son of” alluding to the exceptional personal service. The design is inpired by existing tailoring concepts with a dash of English quirkyness. The result is unique and memorable brand.

The weave element of the M logo design represents a weave of tailoring and hints to Scottish tartan.



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