Say hello to the new KMP Solutions!

Following the tenth anniversary, KMP needed to update its brand. KMP had grown since its founding into a trusted award winning, national property and asset management firm, servicing many satisfied commercial and residential Landlords. 

As we had become known as KMP, rather than KMP Solutions, it was felt the focus should be placed on the main initials of the company which is a combination of the initials of the founding directors. The company has also evolved and now has three independent areas of operation, namely: Residential Management, Block Management and Commercial and Asset Management.

The new KMP logo places the emphasis on the KMP combining three coloured “buildings” formed by the coloured bars with each “pillar” representing a different department.

The “buildings” also acts as a standalone icon to be used on its own in other applications and which will become instantly recognisable and a symbol of what KMP represent.





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