“I was sure it was a photo”

It was not long ago when an  artist impression of a property that you wanted to market, was drawn by hand with pen and colour wash.

Today a  property visualisation is usually an architectural computer generated image ( CGI ) showing a very accurate 3D image of what the final project will look like before it is built. It can be blended with images of people or lifelike plants to appear almost indistinguishable from a real photo.

Once the model is built it can be shown from any angle and can be represented as daylight or at illuminated at night time, for a more luxurious feel. Alterations on a CGI can also be made easily at any stage if the spec changes..

It pays to use a creative company that has experience in property marketing to devise a name that reflects the project, and to design the brand identity to match. Brochures printed on heavy card with high end luxury finishes such as embossing, cut outs , foil finishes or gloss highlights to best present your high resolution visualisations, can do wonders to help your your sales, and can even replace the need for creating a fully furnished show flat.
One of VMAL’s early projects in 2006 was a gated luxury development of houses in Kenya built for very security conscious wealthy foreigners. The CGI of the houses were very accurate, complete with a Porsche in the driveway. VMAL created branding of the project, based on the indigenous maple trees in the area and designed a brochure containing the CGI’s, high end fittings and finishes and an intuitive local map highlighting landmarks of interest. The client sold most of the properties using the marketing material before they were built.

Nowadays with technology advancing and many years of design experience, the creative team at VMAL produce CGI images that can transport the client right into the living room of the project with CGI images that even more realistic. Interior rooms can be produced with soft furnishings and drapes appearing as lifelike as if the client has just opened them to let in the breeze. CGI techniques can be created as a video, to bring the project more to life, enabling prospective clients and investors to appreciate the quality and scope of the project in the comfort of their own armchairs.

VMAL’s goal has always been to create world class quality designs at a price that is not one of the significant project costs, but actually plays a disproportionate role in improving the products sale value.

VMAL have created projects for estate agents including well known ones such as Foxtons who often take on the marketing of a project, but they also deal with the project owners directly to further save on costs.