Ok so you are starting a new venture and need branding, packaging and promotional marketing plan.
You have the finances in place to do it properly so you contact a professional company ( such as VMAL :).
The first thing you have to consider is your target market. Who is this aimed at? School children? Over 50’s? Working Mums, Young Professionals?
Lets take a product for School children – a new fad that you have brought over from the Far East. Ok the target market is easy enough – it is a relatively expensive item so that will influence where and how you brand it as well the packaging and how you promote it .
How about this – children nag their parents to buy things – so lets target young mums – where do young affluent mums shop? in Waitrose or Marks and Spencers( for example)
Possible Solution : You can advertise on shopping trolleys at Waitrose.
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