3 things you can do to clear your brain for work

Are you on the lookout to buy a house? if you are; buy one from someone Jewish – it will be more germ and dust free; having gone through an intensive cleaning process once a year, each year!
Passover is a time of frantic cleaning of all nooks and crannies in the house and workplace.
This is in commemoration of Jews leaving Egypt over 2000 years ago where they were enslaved and had to eat “Matzoh” or water crackers.

The cleaning is ostensibly of all bread but it has extended in more recent times to a complete and very thorough Spring clean.
This brings us onto clearing our minds to prepare us for Work:

1) Keep a clean desk:
Countless studies have shown that a cleared desk and clean environment allows us to be more productive and focus on the job at hand.
Steve Jobs on his return to apple went around getting all the walls painted white so as to eliminate distractions.

There are another 2 important things to take note of: Your emails and your browser window.

2) If you are the type of guy that works of his email list (- its better you don’t but that is the subject of another article) Start off by deleting the unnecessary emails.

3) As for your browser window – try Evernote to clip things you want to take note of and close the tab rather then leave many open tabs on your computer.

Now get to Work! 🙂